How to send and receive parcels at Ukrposhta offices in blackout conditions


Despite the fact that there is more darkness than light, life should not stop. We at Ukrposhta understand how important it is now to receive or send a parcel, because there may be a warm blanket that will keep you warm while utilities restore heat supply. Or a flashlight and power bank purchased at the marketplace, which are so necessary in the conditions of a prolonged power outage. Or a gift for St. Nicholas Day, because kids are so looking forward to the holiday.

That is why Ukrposhta's resilience network, which covers 20+ thousand settlements, will work even in conditions of complete blackout. These are the "strongholds" of Ukrposhta, which will provide Ukrainians - both individuals and exporters - with basic postal and logistics services.

In the absence of electricity and Internet connection, Ukrposhta offices will accept and issue shipments.

You can arrange the shipment at the nearest working office - the operator will manually fill in all the data required to send the parcel.

If you have access to the Internet, you can arrange the shipment yourself in the Ukrposhta mobile application, and bring the parcel to the post office just to give it for shipment. This will greatly simplify and speed up the registration. We have prepared a simple and clear instruction on how to make a shipment online. You can get acquainted with it by following the link.

Together we will pass this difficult time!