Ukrposhta continues to work


Dear customers,

Despite the power outage due to massive shelling, Ukrposhta offices continue to work in all regions except Luhansk. One third of the branches operate in automated mode, the rest - in non-automated mode until stable power supply is restored.

Given this, we ask customers to pay in cash - due to communication problems, not all terminals can work.

For the convenience of customers, Ukrposhta chatbots are working, where you can check the status of shipments. You can also use other online services of the Ukrposhta: mobile application or personal account.

For convenience, we ask customers to arrange shipments in their personal account or mobile application and bring them to the nearest working office only to hand them over.

On November 24, 6261 stationary and mobile offices of the Ukrposhta are working. In particular, in the regions where there are still problems with light and communication, they work:

  • in Vinnytsia region - 279 stationary and 99 mobile
  • in Volyn region - 124 stationary and 97 mobile
  • in Dnipropetrovsk region - 420 stationary and 92 mobile
  • in Donetsk region 81 stationary and 17 mobile units
  • in Zhytomyr region 174 stationary and 111 mobile units
  • in Zakarpattya region - 165 stationary and 72 mobile units
  • in Zaporizhzhya region 91 stationary and 14 mobile units
  • in Ivano-Frankivsk region 232 stationary and 47 mobile units
  • in Kyiv and the region 586 stationary and 80 mobile units
  • in Kirovograd region 131 stationary and 78 mobile units
  • in Lviv region 370 stationary and 115 mobile units
  • in Mykolaiv region 89 stationary and 61 mobile units
  • in Odesa region 325 stationary and 84 mobile
  • in Poltava region 141 stationary and 130 mobile units
  • in Rivne region 196 stationary and 95 mobile units
  • in Sumy region 160 stationary and 86 mobile units
  • in Ternopil region 126 stationary and 86 mobile units
  • in Kharkiv region 302 stationary and 68 mobile branches
  • in Kherson region 6 stationary and 2 mobile branches
  • in Khmelnytsky region 105 stationary and 92 mobile branches
  • in Chernivtsi region 141 stationary and 29 mobile units
  • in Cherkasy region 154 stationary and 105 mobile branches
  • in Chernihiv region - 102 stationary and 101 mobile branches

Please note that due to communication problems, the information on the website regarding the work of the branches may not be up-to-date. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are working to stabilize the situation. We will inform about changes in work on our website and on the official pages of Ukrposhta in social networks.

Take care of yourself and your families, believe in the Armed Forces and stay calm!