Since November, Ukrposhta has launched 64 mobile post offices in Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr and Poltava regions


Ukrposhta continues to expand the network of mobile post offices: since November 1, 31 mobile offices have been operating on the routes of Poltava, Reshetylivka, Dykanka, Kobeliaky and Novosanzharsky districts of Poltava region. These mobile offices of Ukrposhta will serve 98.5 thousand residents of 379 settlements. With the launch of 31 mobile post offices, all villages of Poltava region with a population of less than 1200 people have switched to a new format of service: instead of the old stationary offices, a new car will come to the villages, which will provide the same services as a stationary office, and next year it will also be able to provide additional banking services, which will be possible after the automation of mobile offices next year.

In total, there are now 130 mobile post offices and 189 stationary offices in Poltava region, 99 of which are in villages.

The introduction of mobile post offices has been completed in Zhytomyr region. Since the beginning of November, 29 mobile post offices have started working there. In total, they will serve 448 villages with a population of more than 90 thousand residents of Malyn, Ovruch and Olevsk districts. Now in Zhytomyr region there are 123 mobile and 189 stationary post offices.

On November 1, 4 more mobile offices of Ukrposhta started working. They will serve 29 villages of Kamyanets-Podilskyi district of Khmelnytskyi region and will provide a full range of Ukrposhta services to more than 12 thousand residents of these settlements. Now in Khmelnytsky region there are 106 mobile and 251 stationary post offices.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrposhta has launched almost 600 mobile post offices. In total, 1802 vehicles provide postal services throughout the country. Now they provide the same services as non-automated post offices: issuance of pensions, acceptance of utility and other payments, subscription and delivery of periodicals, parcel delivery, sale of goods. Starting next year, Ukrposhta will start automating mobile branches, so that Ukrainians not only in cities, but also in villages will have access to financial services, such as replenishment of card accounts, transfers between accounts, etc.