Ukrposhta continues to restore the work of post offices in the de-occupied territories of Donetsk region.


In addition to the stationary post office in Lyman (84401), which resumed work at the end of October, three more stationary post offices were added - in Lyman (84404), Yarova (84432) and Sviatohirsk (84130). Thus, Ukrposhta resumed the work of 4 stationary offices in the liberated territories of Donetsk region.

As for Lyman, before the war there were 6 post offices there. The remaining 4 offices are being assessed for damage. In total, there are 4 stationary offices of Ukrposhta and 8 mobile offices in the de-occupied territories of Donetsk region. Out of the 40 villages and towns liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lyman and Svyatohirsk UTCs, Ukrposhta offices cover all of them, including thanks to the work of mobile post offices from other locations.

"We were criticized a lot for launching mobile offices in favor of stationary ones. However, now it turned out that thanks to the mobile units we can provide services in the de-occupied territories, where most of the premises, including our stationary units, are destroyed or severely damaged. For example, mobile units from Kramatorsk have been serving the villages of Lyman and Svyatohirsk communities for more than a month. It is difficult to say how long it will take to restore the damaged buildings - the budget for the full restoration of the branch, including the equipment stolen by the occupiers, reaches one million hryvnias, and we have 4 branches with varying degrees of damage in Lyman alone. But our customers do not have to worry - Ukrposhta mobile offices will provide a full range of services on time. In addition, we plan to automate mobile branches from the beginning of next year, which means that mobile branches in villages will also provide banking services," commented Vadym Shestopalov, director of the Donetsk directorate of Ukrposhta.

As of early November, 84 stationary and 21 mobile post offices operate in Donetsk region.