Ukrposhta resumes work in Kherson region


From October 20, for the first time since July, Ukrposhta branch will open in the village of Velyka Oleksandrivka, Beryslav district.

It will serve, first of all, local residents, of which there are about 3 thousand people. The branch will pay pensions, as well as one-time pension assistance from the Red Cross and the International Organization for Migration. The first 1200 residents of Velyka Oleksandrivka will receive payments on October 20. It will also be possible to buy basic necessities - food and hygiene products.

Since there is still no electricity in Velyka Oleksandrivka due to damage to the power grid, Ukrposhta together with the Ministry of Infrastructure provided a starlink for Velyka Oleksandrivka, which together with a generator will allow to automate the work.

Previously, 15 mobile post offices were based in Velyka Oleksandrivka, which served 148 settlements. After the resumption of work, one mobile post office will operate on the basis of the facilities to serve the nearest de-occupied villages.

It is also planned to open branches by mid-November:

  • 74105, Mala Oleksandrivka village;
  • 74214, the village of Zolota Balka;
  • 74022, the village of Arkhangelske;
  • 74212, the village of Lyubymivka;
  • 74232, village of Havrylivka.