Poczta Polska and Ukrposhta are reducing prices for EMS items to Ukraine: now cheaper by up to 75%


On October 5, 2022, Poczta Polska in cooperation with Ukrposhta reduces prices for sending all EMS parcels up to 20 kg to Ukraine. Thanks to the implemented changes, customers will pay up to 75% less compared to the current cost of EMS delivery from Poland.

Poczta Polska in cooperation with Ukrposhta is introducing special conditions for sending EMS express items up to 20 kg from Poland to Ukraine. Prices start at PLN 42.00 per parcel, which means a price reduction of up to 75%. Parcels can be posted at Poczta Polska post offices that accept EMS items and will be delivered to Ukrposhta post offices. This is another step to support Ukraine as part of the Poczta Polska campaign "HELPING UKRAINE" ("POMOC UKRAINIE").

"Cooperation between Poczta Polska and Ukrposhta is necessary in order to offer a wide range of important services to our customers both in Poland and in Ukraine, especially in such a difficult time of the ongoing war. We have been trying to support our colleagues at the Ukrainian Post since the very beginning of the conflict with Russia with the help of international logistics solutions," says Krzysztof Falkowski, President of the Board of Poczta Polska.

The price list is available on the website. Delivery of parcels from any post office of Poczta Polska to any post office of Ukrposhta will take only 7–14 days. When specifying a delivery address in Ukraine, customers are advised to check whether the post office of Ukrposhta is open in the region at offices.ukrposhta.ua.

"Poczta Polska continuously cooperates with Ukrposhta to offer our customers the best solutions. Together with Ukrposhta, we have prepared a special offer with very favorable price conditions," adds Andrzej Bodziony, Vice-President of the Board of Poczta Polska.

"The significant reduction in the price for sending parcels from Poland to Ukraine is another gesture of support for Ukrainians sheltered by Poland and their families and loved ones staying in Ukraine. Poczta Polska has done a lot for our citizens since the beginning of the war and systematically continues to support us and our country, for which I am sincerely grateful. The next step will be the review of prices for the delivery of items from Ukraine to Poland, which will help to further deepen the cooperation between the two posts and the two countries," comments Igor Smelyansky, the CEO of Ukrposhta.

Since the beginning of 2022, more than 640 tonnes of incoming postal items have arrived in Ukraine from Poland, in addition to 150 tonnes of free-of-charge parcels.

Poczta Polska has been supporting Ukraine since the first days of the war. Among other things, the Company provided the opportunity to send humanitarian parcels up to 20 kg free of charge for a certain period, provided logistical support for the "School for you" (#SzkołaDlaWas) campaign for the benefit of Ukrainian schoolchildren, participated in the transportation of humanitarian aid. Thanks to the arrangements between Poczta Polska and the Ministry of Finance, postal items containing humanitarian aid for Ukraine that arrived from outside the European Union at the POL-CEL warehouse in Chelm until June 30, 2022, were not subject to any customs, tax or postal charges in Poland. On March 25, Poczta Polska issued a special postage stamp "We are with you!" ("Jesteśmy z Wami!") as a manifestation of support, respect and solidarity with Ukraine, fighting for freedom and independence.

It is worth reminding that on August 16, 2022, Poczta Polska and Ukrposhta signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The signed document envisages deepening institutional cooperation between the two posts in the field of traditional postal services, operations, innovation, logistics, as well as strengthening the existing and establishing new business relations. The memorandum will contribute to more effective coordination and activation of the existing cooperation. The joint activity is aimed, in particular, at facilitating the shopping process for the citizens of Poland and Ukraine, as well as at strengthening the leading role of the national postal operators in their domestic markets.