Ukrposhta and Red Cross start issuing one-time financial aid in de-occupied territories


The Red Cross Society in Ukraine has started cooperation with Ukrposhta to issue one-time financial aid to Ukrainians in the territories liberated from occupation. Initially it is planned to cover 20 thousand inhabitants of Kharkiv region. They will be given 1,200 hryvnias per person, including children, by mobile branches of Ukrposhta.

The first payments amounting to more than half a million hryvnias have already been received by 450 residents of the two de-occupied villages Liptsy and Ruski Tishky. In total, according to the RMA, more than 200 thousand people now living in the de-occupied territories require financial aid. In order to pay these people, the communities of the settlements prepare lists of people in coordination with the RMA and form information on which the visiting brigades of Ukrposhta will make payments within two months.

The program is aimed at people living in settlements that were under occupation and are actually living in villages and towns at the time of dismissal. Ukrposhta gives cash aid from the Red Cross according to lists, regardless of whether the persons are Ukrposhta clients or not.

Please be noted that Ukrposhta has already paid more than 10 million UAH of pensions in the liberated territories of Kharkiv region.