Ukrposhta has already paid more than 10 million hryvnias of pensions in the liberated territories of Kharkiv region


Last week the national postal operator paid 10 million UAH of pensions and other payments to Ukrainians living in the liberated settlements of Kharkiv region. Payments were made in Balakliya and Hrakovo. This week, mobile branches of Ukrposhta delivered pensions to residents of Lyptsi, Ruski Tishky, Cherkaski Tishky, Shevchenkovo urbane-like village and Balakliya town.

Thanks to the AFU, these settlements were added to Dergachy, Rogani, Vodyane, Murafa, Andriivka and Malynivka, where Ukrposhta did not stop working.

Also Ukrposhta is working to resume work in Verbivka, Izyum, Dergachivka, Savynska, Starosaltivska and Zolochivska communities. Ukrposhta will be able to deliver pensions to other de-occupied settlements after the permission of the military.

In addition to pensions the local population can get through Ukrposhta a lump sum payment from the Red Cross in the amount of 1200 hryvnias per person. The first payments amounting to more than half a million hryvnias have already been received by 450 residents of the two de-occupied villages Lyptsi and Ruski Tishky.

Important: only pensioners who are clients of Ukrposhta and receive pensions and other payments in cash can get pensions from Ukrposhta. If a pensioner is a client of a bank and received pension payments by card, he or she has to either wait until bank branches and ATMs resume their work in the settlements or apply to any local authority for a cash payment of pensions through Ukrposhta. In turn, these executive bodies will transfer applications to the regional office of the Pension Fund. In fact the first payments on such applications will be made in October on applications collected in September.
Servicing of population is carried out by 6 teams of mobile offices of Ukrposhta. You can check the work schedule of the post office in a particular locality with the local headman or the head of the local community.

Ukrposhta is working on resuming operations in the de-occupied territories. Understanding the priority, the first priority is the payment of pensions. Also in the next few days, delivery of parcels will be resumed, first to Balakliya, and then to other settlements.