Ukrposhta presents new stamps and envelopes in the September philatelic online subscription


From September 19 to 27, it can be issued for four months until the end of the year. All stamps and envelopes issued by Ukrposhta in September, as well as all products until the end of 2022, will be guaranteed to be available to owners of Ukrposhta's online philatelic subscription.

The main issue of the early autumn will be the postal block "Garden of Divine Songs. To the 300th anniversary of the birth of Hryhorii Skovoroda". These stamps not only pay tribute to the poet, but also aim to draw attention to the issue of war-damaged cultural sites and architectural monuments. And part of the proceeds from this issue will be donated to charity, namely the restoration of the Hryhorii Skovoroda Museum in Kharkiv region. The envelope "National Literary-Memorial Museum named after Hryhorii Skovoroda. First Day", which is included in the subscription with the cancellation "First Day of Issue".

Another outstanding philatelic product of September will be the stamped art envelope "Welcome to Hell!" with a sketch of Putin. This image took second place in the popular vote for the best design for the postage stamp "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!".

The September issues will be complemented by the postal block "Cultural epochs of Ukraine. Sarmatians", which was planned to be put into circulation before the full-scale war. This is a limited issue and its circulation is only 20 thousand copies - a very small amount compared to the circulation of wartime stamps. However, the owners of the philatelic online subscription are guaranteed to have these unique stamps in their collection.

Among the postal issues of September is also planned an envelope "Easter eggs. First Day" with the cancellation "First Day of Issue". It depicts Easter eggs of two regions - Lviv and Vinnytsia regions. In addition, the online subscription will include an unstamped art envelope "25. Ukrainian Fashion Week" with special first day of issue ceremony.

An exclusive addition to all these postal issues in the online subscription "Standard+", issued for 4 months, will be a special album for stamps (stockbook), where all stamps purchased in September or earlier will be stored.

You can issue a philatelic subscription until the end of the year with the included September products with or without a stockbook in the Ukrposhta Postal Market The offer will be valid until September 27.

Please be noted that Ukrposhta launched the new format of philatelic stamps in August 2022. In the first month of sales, the company sold more than 4000 philatelic online subscriptions. Subscription holders are guaranteed to have in their collection all postal products of Ukraine issued by Ukrposhta until the end of 2022. Of the total number of subscriptions, there are more than 2500 "Standard+" with an exclusive album for stamps storage (stockbook).

In August, the vast majority of philatelic subscriptions for 5 months were ordered by Ukrainians, but some orders came from customers from abroad. In particular, residents of the Netherlands, Poland, France, Great Britain, the USA, the Baltic States, Italy and Canada.

Among domestic stamp connoisseurs, the most philatelic online subscriptions were purchased from Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, and Lviv.

The cost of the packages, in addition to the fee for online subscriptions, also includes the cost of postal products of the starting month. Thus, when paying for an online subscription for 4 months, it is necessary to pay the cost of postal issues of September, and the owners of the "Standard+" package also pay the cost of the stamps.

In the future, every month during the validity period of the online subscription, its owner will receive an e-mail link to pay for postal products issued by Ukrposhta in the corresponding months. If the owner of the online subscription has not made payment for the postal products of the current month within the prescribed period, the order for this month will be cancelled, the funds for the online subscription service will not be refunded.

For those who purchased a philatelic subscription in August for 5 months, they will receive a link to pay for September products on September 19. And these customers will receive the products during October 1-10.

Advantages of online subscription:

  • Guaranteed opportunity to buy postal issues of Ukraine without queues at a convenient time
  • Opportunity to receive envelopes with maturity "First day. Kyiv", which takes place only in the capital during the day of putting the stamp into circulation
  • Opportunity to become the owner of an exclusive limited edition booklet "Wartime Postage Stamps of Ukraine"
  • Free delivery of products by online subscription by post within Ukraine.

Online subscriptions will be issued monthly until November 30, 2022 inclusive.