Ukrposhta resumes work in liberated Balakliya


On September 13, Ukrposhta began to resume work in the liberated cities of Kharkiv region. Mobile offices of Ukrposhta were the first to go to Grakovo and Balakliya and started working on the basis of stationary offices that worked there before the war. Today, hundreds of pensioners have already received their pensions for May, July and September of this year, which Ukrposhta will continue to pay in the coming weeks. Subsequently, other months will be paid.

In the meantime, three post offices will operate in Balakliya to provide basic financial services.

"We are constantly in touch with the military-civilian administration of the region and are waiting for information on when it will be possible to resume the delivery of mail and pensions to other liberated towns and villages of Kharkiv region. We understand that people here are waiting for their pensions, so their delivery is a priority. Mobile offices will be closed at the beginning of people's needs. But we are already working on the revision of stationary branches to be able to serve Ukrainians who will soon return to their native liberated Balakliya", - commented Igor Smelyansky, CEO of Ukrposhta.

It is also planned to resume parcel delivery in the coming days.