On the 31st of Ukraine's Independence Day, Ukrposhta released the postal block "FREE. UNBREAKABLE. INVINCIBLE."


To the 31st anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, Ukrposhta issued a postage block "FREE. UNBREAKABLE. INVINCIBLE." The block includes the stamp with a Ukrainian soldier and 6 illustrations, depicting the last 6 months of the great 8-year war of Ukrainian people against the invaders.

The block is created in a graphic arts style. The central object of the block is a postage stamp with the image of a Ukrainian defender, who personifies the courage and holding power of the Ukrainian army in the fight for the independence of its country. The postage stamp is designed in the colors of the national flag of Ukraine. The polygonal style of the illustrations gives the postal block a modern look and is used for the first time on Ukrposhta's postal products.

The illustrations of the block are made as a black-and-white event chronicle with the individual color accents. Each of the illustrations is a separate tragic story of Ukrainians that took place in different periods of wartime in different regions of Ukraine.

They are united by one word - "WAR":

  1. A woman standing in a high-rise building on the ruins of a destroyed apartment.
  2. A mother with a child hiding from rocket attacks in the subway.
  3. A girl in front of a pile of burnt civilian cars.
  4. Drama theater in Mariupol with the signal inscription "CHILDREN", which became the last refuge for many Ukrainians.
  5. Sviatohorsk Lavra, which was repeatedly attacked by the invaders.
  6. A baby carriage, abandoned suitcases and toys - a picture that one could see at the train station of every Ukrainian city.

The author of the postage block is Anton Khrupin, a young Ukrainian designer from Kramatorsk. Cooperation with Ukrposhta began when Anton sent one of his works to a sketch competition. After that, the artist received an offer from Ukrposhta to develop sketches for wartime postal products.

The postage block circulation is 1 million copies. The face value of the block is 60 UAH. The First Day cover and the unmarked illustrated cover were also issued for the block.
Starting from August 24, you can buy the postage block and the envelopes in city branches of Ukrposhta all throughout the country, as well as in the official online-store of Ukrposhta. In addition, the new postal issue will traditionally be sold in the official online-stores of Ukrposhta on Prom, Kasta, Rozetka (stamps) and Rozetka (merch) , eBay and Amazon marketplaces. You can also order online the sets with the First Day special cancellation. Also, everyone who purchases a philatelic online subscription will be able to buy stamps and envelopes with the First Day special postmark.

The following restrictions will be applied to the sale of the postage blocks and envelopes:

  • For purchases in branches - up to 10 blocks and 2 first-day covers maximum for one person (the first-day covers can only be purchased in main post offices), illustrated covers will be sold without restrictions
  • For online purchases – up to 5 postage blocks, up to 5 illustrated covers and up to 2 first-day covers per one order.

The "First Day" special cancellation will take place in Kyiv on August 26. Special cancellations in the regions – on August 26-27. Special postmarks of the Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and Kherson will be stamped at the main post office in Kyiv and the postmarks of Luhansk region - in the city of Pokrovsk of Donetsk region.