Ukrposhta introduces a new stamp “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!”: where and how it can be bought?


On July 28, for the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, Ukrposhta put into circulation the fourth postage stamp under war-time situation “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”. The theme and sketch of the stamp were traditionally chosen by Ukrainians by voting in the Diia application and on Ukrposhta social media pages.

The stamp “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!” depicts the real events that took place in the Mykolaiv and other regions, when Ukrainian peasants took away Russian equipment without using any weapons, helping the Armed Forces to win. This stamp, just like its predecessors, shows the indomitability, fearlessness and ingenuity of Ukrainians, admired by the whole world.

“Since the beginning of the war, stamps have become more than a means of paying for correspondence - they have become Ukrainian weapon in the international arena. This is already the fourth stamp, which, I am sure, will spread around the world and show what Ukrainians really are - strong and brave in the fight for their independence. And while Russia spends billions on propaganda against Ukraine, we will use our creativity and all available opportunities to convey the image of Ukraine and Ukrainians to everyone,” - noted Ukrposhta General Director Ihor Smilianskyi.

The stamp was printed in circulation of 5 million copies, of which 3 million - with nominal value M (equivalent to UAH 18) for payment of postal items within the country and 2 million - with nominal value W (equivalent to USD 1.5), intended for payment of international postal correspondence.

In addition to stamps, Ukrposhta also released a themed postcard, a First Day Cover, an art envelope and merch.

The stamp and other philatelic products with “tractor troops” can be bought on July 28 at all post offices, including in villages, as well as online: in the philatelic store of Ukrposhta, marketplaces Kasta, Prom, Rozetka, as well as on the international platforms eBay and Amazon, where Ukrposhta was brought by the Discover Agency team. By buying a stamp online, everyone can make a charitable contribution to support the Armed Forces.

As with previous postal issues, sales restrictions will apply. One customer can buy no more than 2 stamp sheets of each nominal value (2+2), 2 First Day Covers, 10 envelopes and 10 postcards per order.

It will also be possible to purchase thematic merch with the image of the stamp on all online sites in Ukraine and abroad: t-shirts, two types of magnets, openers.

Postal sets appeared for the first time on the website of the philatelic store of Ukrposhta, including an exclusive set that will contain First Day Cover with redemption, in circulation of only 2,000 copies. This set includes two stamped sheets (with nominated value W and M), a set of First Day Cover with redemption, an unmarked envelope and a postcard. One customer can purchase no more than 2 sets per order.

The sketch of stamps, envelopes, postcards and special redemption stamps was designed by graphic designer and art teacher Anastasia Bondarets. To create a sketch, the phrase itself became an inspiration for the artist, and she was also greatly impressed by the heroism of the farmers. Therefore, the basis of the image became a tractor pulling a tank, which symbolizes the indomitability of Ukrainians. The design of the W nominal value stamp sheet uses the philatelic technique of tête-bêche, when one row of stamps is placed upside down. This adds artistic appeal and collectible value to the stamp.

Ukrainians owe the emergence of the phrase “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” to Marko Galanevich, a member of the Dakha Brakha band, and later of the band Probass&Hardy, who used it for a track that became a hit in Ukraine and in the world after the beginning of the war.

As reported, the subject of the stamp was chosen by popular vote. In May, almost 834,000 Ukrainians chose “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!” from among 5 options. More than 1,500 works took part in the sketch competition.