Ukrposhta issued sheets “Personalized stamp” with the new letter nomination value - “U”


From now on, everyone will be able to order the production of stamps according to an individual design with the new letter nomination value - U.

The letter nomination value “U” corresponds to the tariff for forwarding a simple non-priority letter weighing up to 50 g within Ukraine, equivalent to UAH 12.

Stamp sheets are presented in two formats: 9 and 28 stamps. Stamps are sold in sheets. The price of a sheet with 9 stamps is UAH 270.00, with 28 stamps – UAH 480.00. When ordering more than 10 sheets a system of discounts shall apply.

As a reminder, Ukrposhta’s release of “Personalized stamp” sheets with the new letter nomination value “U” is due to the national operator’s refusal to use one of the most popular former nomination value letters - “V” on postage stamps, which Ukrposhta often used on Ukrainian art stamps, marked envelopes and on “Personalized stamp” sheets.

A Personalized stamp is a full-fledged postage stamp, made according to an individual design, which can be used both as a gift and as a means of payment for letter post. Please note that in order to avoid speculation, Ukrposhta does not produce stamps under the “Personalized stamp” project with sketches of art stamps of Ukraine.

In addition to photos and author’s illustrations, the company logo can be printed on personalized stamps - this idea will be useful for corporate clients who want to personalize their correspondence. Within the service “Personalized stamp” the envelopes and postcards with a personal design can be produced, as well as souvenir frames or special folders for stamp design can be purchased.

You can order your own stamp online or directly at Kyiv and Lviv post offices. The production time starts from 1 day and depends on the volume of the order and the existing demand for the “Personalized stamp” products.

Sheets of 6 stamps with nomination value V are also available for customer order - these are the leftovers of the previous pre-war circulation. Once it is sold out, the letter nomination value V will disappear forever from the “Personalized stamp”.