Ukrposhta issued a new postage stamp "UKRAINIAN DREAM"


On June 28, the third wartime postage stamp "UKRAINIAN DREAM" is put into circulation throughout Ukraine. It embodies the invincibility and will of Ukrainians: the plane was destroyed, but it is impossible to destroy the Ukrainian dream, the desire for freedom. And the main dream of everyone is the victory over the enemy, which Ukrainians are bringing closer, working each in their own direction.

The sketches of the postage stamp, envelopes, postcards and stamps were based on the drawing of 11-year-old artist Sofia Kravchuk from Liuboml, Volyn region, who depicted the world's most powerful aircraft AN-225 "Mriya" flying to the stars and decorated with pink flowers. This world's largest winged transport is known not only as a multiple record holder, but also as a participant of many humanitarian missions.

In Kyiv, the solemn special redemption took place with the participation of Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta, Yevhen Havrylov, Acting Director General of SE Antonov, and Sofia Kravchuk, the author of the stamp design. On this day, the stamps will also be redeemed in regional centers and Gostomel. As before, the stamps of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and Kherson will work in the Kyiv Main Post Office.

"Ukrposhta presents a new issue of postage stamps issued under martial law - today a new "UKRAINIAN DREAM" stamp went on sale. Undoubtedly, all Ukrainians have one common dream - for Ukraine to win. But there are hundreds of other, smaller, but also significant dreams: to hug relatives separated by the war, to start or expand your own business, to do something great, or vice versa - to do the usual things of peaceful life again. And these are the things that keep us going and give us strength to bring the victory closer each on our own front. So, we dream, work and bring victory closer, and no one can destroy the Ukrainian dream and freedom," said Igor Smelyansky, CEO of Ukrposhta, during the special redemption.

The 3 million stamps will be available at post offices in all regions, city offices of Ukrposhta (including district centers) or in Ukrposhta's online stores on Amazon, eBay, Kasta and Prom, or in the company's philatelic store and on Rozetka. And themed merchandise with stamps can be purchased at Kasta and Prom.

"Our AN-225 Mriya aircraft has flown all over the world! Hundreds and thousands of people met this mighty giant from Ukraine everywhere. For example, 15 thousand spectators gathered near the arrival airport in Australia. However, the Ukrainian "Mriya" did not have time to visit every country, every city of our planet - it was barbarically destroyed by the Russian occupiers. And while ANTONOV Company will rebuild this unique aircraft, the pride and symbol of our people, Mriya will travel the world - on the stamp", said Yevhen Havrylov, Acting Director General of ANTONOV Company.

And the creative work with the image of "Dream" will also be aimed at a good cause. The original drawing will be sold at a charity auction in the Prozorro.Sale system. It will take place on July 6 at 14:00. All proceeds will be used to support the "City of Good", a unique project of Marta Levchenko. This place is now a refuge for mothers and children who were deprived of their homes and peaceful life by the "Russian world". In particular, children from the Mykolaiv orphanage now live there.

As with previous mailing issues, there will be restrictions on sales. One customer can buy no more than 2 stamps, 5 envelopes and 5 postcards per order.
Ukrposhta for the first time used a new denomination U (equivalent to 12 UAH) on the postage stamp "UKRAINIAN DREAM". It replaced the denomination V, which was previously printed on Ukrainian stamps, and now this letter has become a symbol of the aggressor.