Ukrposhta announces the national stage of the PostEurop competition for the design of the stamp "Peace is the highest value of mankind!"


Ukrposhta accepts art works for the national stage of the PostEurop competition for a sketch for the postage stamp "Peace is the highest value of mankind!". During July 1-8, illustrators, artists, designers can send their works of art, in which they will be able to reproduce the theme defined by the competition using artistic techniques.

The winner will be chosen by popular vote through the official pages of the Ukrposhta in social networks. By August 5, the best work that will receive the most votes at the national stage will be sent by the Ukrposhta to the PostEurop to participate in the European stage of the competition.

It will be recalled that it was at the suggestion of Ukrposhta that the theme of the annual competition for the best postage stamp of Europe-2023 was changed to "Peace is the highest value of mankind!". Next year, all postal administrations of European countries will issue postage stamps on this theme according to a single design that will win the competition.

You can submit your work to the contest by following the link and registering.

Requirements for the competition works:

  • the sketch of the postage stamp should have a rectangular shape and, according to the rules of the competition, should not contain direct national (for example, flags), political, military symbols, as well as any threatening or offensive images;
  • the work is submitted in the form of a drawing or graphic layout with visualization in electronic form in JPEG format, 300 dpi;
  • the use of photo materials, thematic images in sketches should not violate the copyrights of third parties;
  • the number of works from one participant - no more than 5.

By submitting their works to the competition, the participant agrees that in case of winning their work, they will sign an author's agreement with Ukrposhta for the transfer of exclusive property copyrights to the work.

Earlier, Ukrainian postage stamps were awarded at the PostEurop competition. Thus, in 2019, Ukrainian postage stamps on the theme "Birds": "White Stork" and "Eastern Nightingale" by Natalia Kokhal won gold in the competition "Best Postage Stamp of Europe 2019 - Collector's Choice".

In 2020, the Ukrainian postage stamp on the theme "Ancient postal routes" "Postman Fedir Feketa" by Iryna Medvedovska won silver in the competition "Best Postage Stamp of Europe 2020 - Jury's Choice".

And in 2021, the postage stamp "Cry of the Carpathians" won a bronze award in this competition.