Innovation of Ukrposhta from July 1: return to the pre-war work schedule, delivery of large parcels and revision of tariffs


In most areas, Ukrposhta returned to the pre-war schedule. The exception is the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where the work is done on an individual basis, taking into account the current situation. Also, in some liberated cities, where the population has returned only partially, Ukrposhta branches work on a reduced schedule and will switch to the pre-war mode as soon as the volume of work increases due to the return of people.

Important changes have occurred in the delivery of bulky mail, which will come into force on July 1. Now the national postal operator will accept and deliver bulky parcels: bicycles, car bumpers, poufs and others in all regional centers, and also in cities: Kremenchug, Kramatorsk, Kryvyi Rig in the offices allocated for such dispatches.

Large-sized items are the postal items of actual weight up to 30 kg, the length of the largest side of 0.7 m to 2 m and the sum of all sides (height + length + width) - up to 3.5 m.

The list of postal facilities that accept large parcels can be found here.

Changes have also been introduced for parcels weighing more than 30 kg. The maximum mass of such a consignment is increased up to 600 kilograms. Thus, the clients will be able to send even more goods of different sizes at attractive tariffs of Ukrposhta.

In addition, new tariffs for "Ukrposhta Standard "* services will be valid from July 1. Despite the fact that the new tariffs for universal postal services should enter into force on December 1, 2021, they will be valid only since July 1, 2022. At the same time the revision of the cost of "Ukrposhta Standard" services within Ukraine by an average of 14% and within the region - by 13%. At the same time, the NCCIR resolution allowed for a marginal increase in services up to 37%. The revision of tariffs was caused, first of all, by the increase of logistic expenses for delivery. However, even after the cost review, Ukrposhta's rates remain lower than those of its competitors. For example, sending a parcel weighing up to 1 kg within Ukraine, which previously cost 31 UAH, will cost 35 UAH after tariff review, while delivery of a parcel weighing up to 15 kg - 75 UAH as compared with 65 UAH before tariff review.

Mailings by "Ukrposhta Express" will be delivered according to the new tariffs since July, 1 - increase will make on the average 14 % for sending within the region and 16 % for sending within Ukraine. If earlier the parcel up to 1 kg within Ukraine cost 39 hryvnas, since July, 1 it will cost 45 hryvnas.

The cost of the service "Documents" will increase by 14%.

The cost of international shipments remains unchanged.

* NCCIR approved the corresponding decision on the revision of tariffs in November 2021 (Decision No. 413 of 02.11.2021 on the approval of the Marginal tariffs for universal postal services and the repeal of the decision NCCIR No.299 of August 10, 2021).