100 days of war for Ukrposhta


In one hundred days of war, 444 post offices were destroyed or damaged. Up to 445 more are not accessible under occupation. 20% of Ukrposhta employees were displaced from places of combat operations. Fifteen workers were killed and 14 were wounded.

This is the price for the fact that Ukrposhta branches have worked and have worked since the first day of the war, including on the battle lines.

  • At the same time, for 100 days of war Ukrposhta: now about good news, because without it there will be no victory.
  • It launched 372 new travelling post offices for 1.65 million people.
  • Opened 14 stationary branches.
  • Provided pensions to more than 2.5 million pensioners throughout the country, even in the temporarily occupied territories.
  • Paid about 700 million UAH in financial aid to more than 74 thousand internally displaced people.
    Sent 400+ flights and 982 thousand parcels by Iron Post (we will soon be celebrating 1 million).
    Delivered 739,000 export shipments totalling 1,353 tons - that's almost like a year ago, just through road check blocks.
  • Sent 13 direct flights to the USA.
  • Delivered 156,000 import shipments for 749 tons. Half of them were pre-war AliExpress postal items.
    Attracted 1,650 tons of humanitarian aid from the world's Posts and partners and delivered it across the country.
  • Helped get back into the export business and restarted 80 percent of small businesses.