World posts will help recover Ukrposhta’s damaged infrastructure


On 20 May 2022, the Universal Postal Union adopted the second resolution in support of Ukraine and its designated postal operator.

The Council of Administration instructed the UPU International Bureau to:

  • monitor the particular needs of Ukraine in the field of postal services, and those of its designated postal operator;
  • carry out an assessment of:
    • the impact of the war in Ukraine on Union programmes and activities in the region;
    • the operational, infrastructure, financial or other impacts of the war on postal services both within Ukraine and between Ukraine and other countries.

In addition, UPU member countries are invited to support the reconstruction of Ukraine’s postal infrastructure either through the fund established by the International Bureau or by other means.

"Despite Russia’s attempts to disrupt the voting for the resolution in support of Ukraine, the global postal community has determined its priorities: it is on the side of truth and justice, and therefore, on the side of Ukraine. Russia incited African countries to oppose aid to Ukraine, and submitted its own resolution that would block the aid from world posts to the post of Ukraine. But all this was in vain. Thanks to the profound work of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Switzerland, Artem Rybchenko, the convincing speech of the Embassy representative, ​​and thanks to our partners from the UK, the EU (Poland, Germany, France, Spain), the USA, Canada, Japan, Uruguay and other countries, the resolution that will help restore Ukraine's postal infrastructure was adopted with a majority of votes (57%)", commented Igor Smelyansky, the Director General of Ukrposhta.

As of today, about 500 Ukrposhta post offices are known to be destroyed. For example, in Irpin, which was under the Russian occupation for a month, there is not a single intact Ukrposhta post office left. It is impossible to estimate the damage caused to another 500 post offices, as they are located in the occupied territories.