Ukrposhta during the war began the first subscription of newspapers and magazines for the second half of 2022


Internally displaced people can arrange for prepaid editions to be forwarded.

Ukrposhta began the first wartime subscription of newspapers and magazines for the II half of 2022. Registration of subscription by electronic catalogues started since April, 25 and since April, 28 - by printed cataloguess for all regions of Ukraine, except territories of Lugansk, Donetsk and Kherson regions. The resumption of newspaper and magazine delivery in liberated localities takes place with safety for Ukrposhta customers and employees.

The subscription campaign is conducted:

  • until June 16 for publications of national distribution sphere;
  • for local editions (regional, city, district) in the terms determined in accordance with the contracts concluded by the publishing houses (editorial offices).

Among the wide list of various popular publications, local press, periodicals for children, thematic publications can subscribe to newspapers or magazines for parents, children, relatives.

You can subscribe in the usual way in the post offices of Ukrposhta or in the mailman.

Among customers subscribing via "Online subscription" for minimum 100 UAH for the term not less than 6 months there will be raffle prizes. More details about the conditions on the site of Ukrposhta in the section "Promotions".

“The local press helps people get much-needed information about news in the districts and provinces. Especially for those Ukrainians whose settlements have been sacked, it is also one of the symbols of returning to the familiar life they have temporarily lost because of the occupiers. And for those who have left for other regions and it is important to keep in touch with their homeland through the printed word, it is possible to make a readdressing. To do this you only need to go to the branch in the place where you live and write an application. Of course because of the war our catalogue of publications has a smaller list of newspapers and magazines that are now in print, but the editors are gradually resuming work and everyone can choose for themselves and their loved ones the right edition. And Ukrposhta will make every effort to bring the press to each subscriber", - said the director of the department of postal services of Ukrposhta Serhiy Hrechko.

The issue of compensation for the non-issue of publications during hostilities is addressed by publishers and editors who have resumed publication of newspapers. They decide on the mechanism of compensation (paired issues, replacement of editions with another edition, force majeure, etc.). The final decisions on possible compensations will be made by publishers after the end of martial law.

Information about the work of Ukrposhta offices is updated daily on the official website of Ukrposhta. More details about the work of the offices in a particular locality and their working hours can be found at the link.

As reported, Ukrposhta, which is now the largest among the banking and logistics companies in Ukraine, works throughout the state, except for the temporarily occupied territories with work schedules adapted to the current conditions. Depending on this, up to 5,000 stationary offices operate daily and travel to the most remote villages and regions almost 1,300 mobile post offices.