The position of Ukrposhta regarding the postage stamp "Russian warship, f#ck...!"


The series of the legendary stamp with the ship will be continued

The number of customers who want to buy the postage stamps "Russian warship, f#ck ...!" turned out to be hundreds of times more than the circulation of the stamp, which is 1 million copies and makes the record for picture postage stamps for the last 15 years (usually picture stamps are issued with a circulation of 100-130 thousand copies approx).

The courage of the defenders of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island inspired us to hold public voting and issue the first stamp of wartime. Within the first days of putting the stamps into circulation, it could be purchased without any problems in all regional centers of the country, where special cancelation ceremonies were held on April 12. The real hype for the postage stamp began when our brave Armed Forces sunk the enemy ship. We understand that it is not easy, but we kindly ask you to accept the fact that such a coincidence of events could not have been predicted in advance.

Please note that worldwide postage stamps are not only a means of letter delivery payment but also a collector's piece and special market rules are set and applied in this area. Collectors around the world invest in philately items, choosing postage stamps of those countries that, from their point of view, are attractive for investment. The situation when, in case of additional demand, a postal administration randomly prints extra issues of already issued postage stamps will devalue the main issue and could violate obligations to customers who purchased copies from the main issue (because at the time of purchase they did not know about the administration's intention to reprint the circulation). This situation could also harm the reputation of the postal administration in the field of philately at the international level. Of course, we can talk about the uniqueness of the situation, the "symbol of the country", etc. But this is not the last stamp of wartime and certainly not the only symbol of our confrontation. In addition, Ukrposhta does not have the exclusive right to create symbols - other businesses and individuals can also create something that will become a symbol of time and that Ukrainians would like to keep as a token of these days.

In any case, we consider such a demand for postage stamps to be a positive trend and an additional opportunity to draw the world's attention to the war in Ukraine, which in its turn will contribute to attracting funds for the needs of the army, restoration of our country infrastructure and the further extending of sanctions.

The stamp sale situation

This morning, we launched an online sale of the remaining postage stamps and the unmarked envelope “Russian warship, f#ck...!”. 100,000 stamps became available primarily to those customers who placed their orders on the old website. They were informed about the sale one hour before. After an hour, all interested parties received the link to the online store. Due to the increased demand, in order to enable more customers to purchase postage stamps, orders are accepted with a limit of 1 sheet of stamps and 2 envelopes. You can pay for your order and its delivery directly on the website. Customers receive a receipt to the e-mail address specified during registration. The receipt will have the bar code to track the delivery of the order. Due to high demand and external cyber-attacks, the site is still temporarily unavailable. About 10 thousand orders that we managed to accept will be processed and delivered. We will inform you about the website work restoration and the number of remaining products.

The new stamps

In view of the high demand and listening to public opinion, Ukrposhta decided to continue the series about the Russian warship. We consider it is appropriate to continue the series with a stamp on which there is no longer the flagship of the Russian Navy, in order to record the historical course of events in this way.

Therefore, already in May, we plan to put into circulation the new postage stamp with the current state of the ship - "Russian warship – DONE!" with a total circulation of 5 million copies. This is not just a series of two stamps – this is the history being made before our eyes.

The author of the new issue is the same - Borys Groh. The sheets of stamps, in addition to the new postage stamps, will contain coupons with the image of the first stamp "Russian warship, f#ck ...!". So all customers who were unable to purchase the stamps with the ship will have the opportunity to get a two-in-one product - a stamp without the ship and a coupon with the ship, as a reminder about the beginning of this already legendary story. Postage stamps "Russian Warship - DONE!", like the previous issue, are planned to be produced with domestic (F) and international face values (W).

In the coming days, we will publish them on our website, and everyone will be able to make pre-orders online.

In the near future, in addition to the stamps "Russian warship, f#ck ...!", the other patriotic products of Ukrposhta - postage stamps, as well as various merch with the image of the stamp will appear in our online shops.

At the same time, Ukrposhta continues to work on the development of themes for the new patriotic postal products and issue of postage stamps with an additional face value, which will be directed to important social projects and support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.