Ukrposhta resumes full operation in Chernihiv region: 102 post offices are now operating


After the liberation of the Chernihiv region, Ukrposhta resumes the work of its post offices.

Now residents of the region again have the opportunity to send and receive mail. Before that, operators and letter carriers only paid pensions and social allowances and accepted utility payments where possible.

Every day, about a hundred stationary and travelling post offices provide all basic financial and postal services. In a few weeks, their number is planned to increase to 200 post offices.

First post offices started to work in Sribnyansky, Prilutsky and Koropsky districts, later - in Nizhyn and Chernihiv districts.

In Chernihiv, 10 post offices fully resumed their work: post offices 14000, 14001, 14003, 14005, 14006, 14013, 14017, 14021, 14033 and 14035, and in the near future, 8 more will work after Internet provision is restored.

All villages and settlements where post offices were damaged during the war provide all the necessary services by travelling post offices, 70% of which are already delivering pensions and social benefits to inhabitants (in April already 90-95% were paid), accept payments, deliver parcels, food, medicines etc.

Today we want to please residents of the Chernihiv region. Our post offices are beginning to work at full scale, except for 10 stationary ones, where we are still restoring the Internet. I am grateful to our colleagues, who have done everything possible so that all the inhabitants of the region or a town or a village, whether the post office is working or needs repair after the enemy's attacks, could receive all the services they needed. Now both stationary and travelling post offices are working. Special thanks to our workers, who for almost two months delivered pensions to grandparents. Unfortunately, some of our facilities cannot be restored, like one post office in Chernihiv, or are completely looted by the occupants, as in the villages of Novy Bykiv and Nova Basan. But we found a way for our clients to still use Ukrposhta, and by the end of April we plan to resume the work of all post offices in the Chernihiv region", - said General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky.

Information about the work of Ukrposhta post offices is updated daily on the official website of Ukrposhta. More details about the work of the post offices in a particular locality and their working hours can be found here.

As reported, Ukrposhta, which is now the largest among the banking and logistics companies in Ukraine, works throughout the state, except for the temporarily occupied territories, with work schedules adapted to the current conditions. Depending on this daily up to 5000 stationary and almost 1300 travelling post offices are working and going to the most remote villages and regions.