Updated requirements for humanitarian shipments from volunteers, which Ukrposhta delivers by rail


Dear volunteers,

In order to maximize the delivery of humanitarian shipments by rail, it was decided to accept posting only the most priority groups of goods on special conditions.
The following types of humanitarian goods are accepted for shipment under the terms of the "Humanitarian Railway Mail" product:

  • Medicines and medical goods;
  • Military uniforms and equipment, special means of individual protection and defence (helmets and protective helmets, bulletproof vests, thermal imagers, drones, etc.).

Other goods will be accepted for shipment under normal conditions.

There are also restrictions on the weight of the shipment. In total, up to 200 kg of the total weight of postal items per train trip can be accepted from one sender. The exceptions are charitable foundations, with which the individual conditions of service are agreed.

Let's remind since April 9 postal vans deliver mail on the route: Kyiv-Lviv, Kyiv-Kharkiv, Kyiv-Odesa, Kyiv-Dnipro, Lviv-Kharkiv, Lviv-Dnipro and back. A total of 14 railway postal vans are planned to be put into operation.

Humanitarian railway mail can be addressed to any operating post office of the SC "Ukrposhta" exclusively within the places which are the final destinations of railway carriages.
Acceptance of humanitarian cargoes is not carried out in all post offices of Ukrposhta, but only in those, which are located near the central railway stations. Humanitarian cargoes can be posted at the post office of the city of Lviv No.79023 at Dvirtseva sq. 1, as well as at the delivery sections Kyiv city No.02505, 2 Heorgiy Kirpa St., Dnipro No.49501, 11 Pryvokzalna St., Odesa No.65501, 26 Serednyofontanska St., and Kharkiv No.61501, 2 Privokzalny Maidan.

There is a special rate for volunteers. The cost of one shipment weighing up to 30kg and with the longest side up to 70 cm - only 25 UAH. Payment at the expense of the recipient is not possible. If volunteers are not able to pay the cost of packages, they will still be accepted for shipment. You should notify the postal employee about the free parcel - its cost will be covered by charitable fundraising.

The parcel will be kept in the city of destination for up to 14 days. After that, if the recipient did not pick up the parcels, Ukrposhta will hand them over to volunteer organizations and foundations.