Ukrposhta delivered 10 tons of humanitarian aid from Italy


The national postal operator has delivered this week to Ukraine 10 tons of humanitarian aid from Italy. Ukrposhta delivered 26 pallets with baby food, food products, water, and medicines from a warehouse in Poland (Przemyśl) to Lviv. In the nearest future, this humanitarian aid will be transported to the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, where it will be distributed according to the requests of local authorities and volunteers.

"I thank Italian people for these 10 tons of unaddressed aid – it is very important for Ukraine to feel the support. Ukrposhta is constantly in touch with local authorities and volunteers, so the lists of recipients are ready and our employees at sorting centers are already waiting for the goods to arrive at them to start delivering to people as soon as possible," commented Ukrposhta CEO Igor Smelyanskyi.

Please note that Ukrposhta has been deploying a humanitarian mission since the beginning of the war - the postal operator delivers humanitarian goods from abroad and sends them to the areas most affected by bombardment. You can find more information about the humanitarian mission of Ukrposhta on the website.