Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and Ukrposhta join forces to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukrainians


The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and Ukrposhta signed a memorandum of cooperation to combine efforts in receiving and delivering humanitarian aid provided by legal entities and individuals, including foreign ones, for the needs of Ukrainians belonging to socially vulnerable groups or affected by russian aggression.

"Our partnership will ensure that humanitarian aid is not just brought into Ukraine, but that it is provided in the most transparent, personalized, and close to the end consumer. The distribution and delivery of such humanitarian aid will take place through the structural subdivisions for social protection of the population, and Ukrposhta will cover the logistical tasks," commented Marina Lazebna, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine.

Ukrposhta is now one of the largest channels of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company has enlisted the support of a number of world post offices to deliver such cargoes, some of them do it for free. Now Ukrposhta has two warehouses where its employees sort and send aid to those who need it. Humanitarian aid has already arrived from Poland, Georgia, Austria, Greece, the USA, and other countries.

"We, as a member of the Universal Postal Union and the main postal operator of the country, have been working since the first days of the war to receive and deliver humanitarian goods from friendly countries and even continents. Ukrposhta's international ties allowed us to engage a number of postal operators who accumulate humanitarian cargoes and deliver them to the borders of our country. Close cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy will enable us to direct flows to those who need it, providing food, medicines and warm clothes, first of all, to vulnerable population groups in all corners of the country", emphasized Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta.

Let’s work. Let’s support each other. Together let’s bring closer victory!