Marketplaces cancel commissions for Ukrainian sellers at Ukrposhta's request


Ukrposhta in the framework of the program to support Ukrainian SMEs that sell their goods abroad, in the first week of the war appealed to the main marketplaces with a request to support Ukrainian sellers who, due to the Russian attack on Ukraine under conditions of shelling and closed skies can not provide timely processing and shipping of orders. Etsy, eBay and Joom, which were the first to respond and have already taken a number of steps to support Ukrainian sellers, were joined by Wish and Shopify.

Wish returned a monthly fee for February for all sellers from Ukraine, and also eliminated all commissions for Ukrainian merchants for 6 months.

Shopify will also not charge Ukrainian merchants and partners. The marketplace will also allocate funds for the provision of humanitarian assistance through its partner Flexport.
Joom from 14.03.2022 temporarily reduced the commission for sellers from 15% to 0%. Recall that Joom also from February 24, before the billing period, made a payment to all merchants. Marketplace assured that no fines or penalties will be applied to Ukrainian stores. Also Joom manager, working with Ukrainian sellers, helps those who have decided to temporarily close the store.

It was also previously reported that Etsy "zeroed out" the accounts of sellers for February. This means that Ukrainian entrepreneurs, who sell their goods on Etsy, do not have to pay commissions, as well as costs for promotional items for February. Sellers from Ukraine have already received a letter from Etsy, in which the trading platform expresses support, cancels accrued commission payments for its services and gives instructions for temporary "vacation of stores".

eBay has applied the sales protection policy in relation to the Ukrainian sellers: until March 20 all shipments from sellers in Ukraine are under the protection of INR (item not received). Marketplace will not accept negative feedback from buyers on the goods of sellers. The company understands that due to the temporary Russian attack the delivery time of goods by Ukrainian sellers may increase due to circumstances independent of them. Accordingly, Ukrainian SMEs selling on eBay should not be affected by the aggressive actions of the occupiers.

eBay also reactivated the MBS Accelerator to help Ukrainian sellers, who have temporarily lost the ability to sell fully in Ukraine, to promptly open stores on marketplaces and receive orders from abroad.

Global eBay also started collecting money in support of Ukraine: the marketplace urged its employees all over the world to donate money, and the company for its part will double every donation up to $10 thousand.

Please be noted that Ukrposhta carries out the reception of exports with further delivery abroad. The postal operator also resumed charter flights to the United States.