The sketch for the postage stamp "Russian warship, fuck you!” chosen


Ukrposhta announced the winner of the popular vote for the sketch for the postage stamp "Russian warship, fuck you!”.

✨ 1st place - sketch number 3

✨ 2nd place - sketch number 12

✨ 3rd place - sketch number 5.

The author of the winning sketch Boris Groh used to live in Yevpatoria, Crimea, drew all his life, then learned to be an artist and began to create paintings professionally. But in 2014 Russia occupied Crimea and he was forced to leave home – he went first to Kiev, and later moved to Lviv.

Year 2022 - Russia attacked Ukraine again. The first day of the war, our military defend Snake Island. Their heroic defence so impressed Boris that he decided to paint a picture to raise the spirits and morale of Ukrainians, as well as to attract the attention of foreigners who follow his work in social networks. He created it in about three days, and if he was not distracted by the news, it would have been done in 5 hours. On March 1 he saw that Ukrposhta announced an all-Ukrainian folk contest for the best sketch for a postage stamp "Russian warship, fuck you!" and he submitted his work for the contest. And at once he got the people's love.

Congratulations to Boris Groh on the victory and the beginning of a new stage in his creativity to become the author of a new postage stamp! For his picture 1756 of 8000 users of Facebook and Instagram voted.

In the nearest future the picture of Boris will be in the new postal issue. And you will be able to buy the new stamp in our post offices, send it to your friends abroad or send, ironically speaking, “greetings” to Russians.

We will not be broken! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Death to the enemies!