Ukrposhta has resumed flights to the United States


Ukrposhta has resumed flights to the United States




Ukrposhta has resumed flights to the United States, and will deliver SME goods to New York and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the opposite direction


Ukrposhta, together with its partner, the Ukrainian airline WindRose, has resumed delivery of mail to the United States via Poland as part of a charter program to support small and medium-sized businesses. The charter will deliver exports to New York once a week, and on the way back it will deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


The first flight from Warsaw to New York is scheduled for 8 March. Ukrposhta is planning to make such export and humanitarian aid flights regular in the near future.


In the United States, DNIPRO LLC acts as a consolidator and a freight agent to accept the cargo in its warehouse and to prepare it for transportation. Humanitarian goods are accepted at the following address in the USA: 645 West 1st Avenue, Roselle, NJ 07203.


For dimensional restrictions and additional information, please call +1 (908) 241-2190, +1 (888) 336-4776 or contact [email protected]. Medical supplies and food are accepted for transportation. All boxes must have an indication "UkrPoshta Dnipro LLC / Humanitarian Aid".


Ukrposhta will deliver humanitarian goods from Poland to Ukraine and to destinations at its own expense. GLOBE AIR CARGO, as the General Agent (GSSA) of WindRose in the United States, undertakes all necessary work to book and coordinate cargo handling at the airport of departure.


“We have found an opportunity to support thousands of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, so that they do not lose their jobs and can deliver their goods to global trading platforms, including Amazon and Etsy. As these marketplaces joined the sanctions against Russia and blocked Russian sellers, I think it is right for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to benefit from the situation and offer their goods to the world. And Ukrposhta will help them. In addition, on the way from the United States to Ukraine the charter will carry humanitarian aid from the international community. It will be food, medical supplies. Up to 40 tons of humanitarian aid can be loaded per flight. We call on foundations and organizations to help with funds for sending humanitarian goods to Ukraine. Ukraine needs your support,” said Ukrposhta Director General, Igor Smelyansky.


Delivery of postal items from the territory of Ukraine to Warsaw will be carried out by surface transport, after the necessary customs clearance in Ukraine. Currently, Ukrposhta is accepting parcels throughout Ukraine, where it is safe for the staff and customers, and is transporting them by major highways from the western regions of Ukraine, as well as by highways from several key cities of Ukraine to send them abroad.


The Warsaw-New York flights will be operated within the framework of the existing charter program of cooperation between Ukrposhta and WindRose, which made 96 direct cargo flights to the United States in 2021 alone.


As it was previously reported, Ukrposhta, as part of the program to support Ukrainian SMEs selling their goods abroad, appealed to major marketplaces to support Ukrainian sellers who are unable to process and send orders on time due to Russia's attack on Ukraine in the conditions of shelling and closed airspace. Etsy, eBay and Joom were the first to respond and a number of measures have already been taken to support Ukrainian sellers. Wish is preparing an assistance package for Ukrainian sellers.