Ukrposhta calls on international marketplaces to protect Ukrainian businessmen


Ukrposhta within the framework of the program on support of Ukrainian SMEs selling their goods abroad addressed to the major marketplaces with the request to support Ukrainian sellers who due to Russian attacks on Ukraine in the conditions of shelling and closed sky cannot provide timely processing and dispatch of orders. Etsy, eBay, and Joom were the first to respond and have already taken a number of measures to support Ukrainian sellers. Wish is preparing an assistance package for Ukrainian sellers.

Etsy "zeroed" sellers' accounts for February. This means that the Ukrainian entrepreneurs, who sell their goods on Etsy, do not have to pay commission and expenses for promotional goods in February. Sellers from Ukraine have already received a letter from Etsy, in which the shopping platform expresses support, cancels the accrued commission payments for its services, and gives instructions on the temporary "vacation of stores."

eBay has applied the protection of sales of Ukrainian sellers: until March 20, all shipments from sellers in Ukraine are under the protection of INR (item not received). Marketplace will not accept negative feedback from buyers on sellers' goods. The company understands that due to the temporary Russian attack the delivery time of goods by Ukrainian sellers may increase due to circumstances independent of them. Accordingly, Ukrainian SMEs selling on eBay should not be affected by the aggressive actions of the invaders.

Global eBay has also started collecting money to support Ukraine: the marketplace urged its employees around the world to donate, and the company for its part will double each donation to $10 thousand.

Joom of February 24, before the settlement period, made the payment to all merchants. The marketplace assured that no penalties or pessimization will be applied to Ukrainian stores. Also, Joom manager, working with Ukrainian sellers, helps those who have decided to temporarily close the store.

"We understand how important it is to keep Ukrainian exports now because it is both taxes to the budget, which are much needed now, and financial security for the families of entrepreneurs who sell goods abroad. Ukrposhta is working in two directions: we are rebuilding logistics in a closed sky to deliver exports to all corners of the world. In parallel, we are negotiating with marketplaces, so that they could protect Ukrainian entrepreneurs during the war.

I am glad to report that the world is ready to support Ukraine - marketplaces demonstrate this readiness by real actions: cancellation of commissions, implementation of special conditions, etc. Together we'll survive!", - commented Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta.

Information on measures of other marketplaces, which they will introduce to protect Ukrainian exporters, will be announced later.

The entire international community at all levels stood up for Ukraine and Ukrainian business. Ukrposhta, for its part, is constantly working to support Ukrainian exporters and consults with international platforms to create special conditions for Ukrainian exporters during the war.