Ukrposhta: Save time and money: starting from February parcel posting can be settled online


From the 1st of February Ukrposhta customers can settle online the fee for the shipment of the parcels on the official site of the company in the profile of the customer.  The service will be practical primarily for those who post several postal items at a time: once a customer generates the postal item and settles it online, the last thing to do is to carry the parcels to the post office and give the bar code identifiers to the clerk in the post office, which saves a lot of time in the post office.

For customers who generate the postal items online in the profile or through API there is a five per cent discount for domestic postal items and from three up to fifteen per cent discount for international postal items.

The service covers online generated domestic postal items such as Ukrposhta Standard, Ukrposhta Express and international postal items such as registered small packet, parcel and EMS postal item.

 Settlement for the postal items is made in two steps. At first the amount for posting of the postal item is held on the card account of the customer at the profile. Later on in the post office the moment the parcel is handed over for posting to Ukrposhta the exact fee for transmission of the postal items is deducted from the card account of the holder of the profile.

Consequently, in the profile of the customer the status “prepayment” changes to “parcel(s) paid”.