Ukrposhta is joining the EMS global express delivery network


As of April 1, 2020, Ukrposhta will become the national postal operator responsible for the international Express Mail Service (EMS) in Ukraine.

EMS is an international express delivery service offered by the national postal operators of the Universal Postal Union member countries. Ukrposhta will forward EMS items by air only.

EMS service is very popular all over the world, but in Ukraine it was too expensive for most clients. That is why, in the process of reintegration of the service with Ukrposhta, the company has revised and significantly reduced previous tariffs, to make them more affordable for our customers. Starting from April 1, 90% of all EMS service items will be forwarded at a new reduced price: the delivery of items weighing up to 2 kg will cost 40% less compared to the price previously offered by the State Enterprise of Special Post (SESP), and the delivery of items weighing up to 10 kg the price will be reduced by 20%.

As of April 1, the service will be available in almost one thousand post offices of Ukrposhta. And beginning from June 1, more than 4,000 computerized Ukrposhta post offices will be able to accept EMS items for export. In all oblast (region) centers of Ukraine it will be possible to use the service from the comfort of one’s home, by ordering a courier delivery.

At the time of the pandemic restrictions and mass cancellation of passenger flights, many countries of the world have limited their EMS items processing. That is why the service will work for 57 countries only until the end of the quarantine period. Cargo flights will be used to send export items. Following the stabilization of air connections and the resumption of full operation of other posts, the average delivery time of EMS items will be 7-10 days for key countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, and the service will be available for 195 destination countries.

In the period of quarantine and emergency situation, Ukrposhta is one of the few companies that operate as normal and provide a full range of services that people can use without leaving their homes or endangering themselves. International delivery is not an exception. We are reintegrating EMS into our product portfolio and actively reviewing prices for this service to offer Ukrainian entrepreneurs high-quality express delivery that will help then continue developing their export business, even in these hard times. We invite all SESP employees who have worked on the service and feel up to continue, to join our large Ukrposhta family”, commented Mr. Igor Smelyansky, CEO at Ukrposhta.

Documents and goods weighing up to 30 kg are accepted for forwarding. More information regarding the terms of sending EMS items is available in the special section of Ukrposhta’s website.

It should be pointed out that Ukrposhta provided EMS service until 1999. At that time the function was assigned to SESP. On November 22, 2019, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine issued its Order to designate Ukrposhta a postal operator that will provide EMS service in Ukraine.

If you have any questions about the service, please call our contact center at 0 800 300 545.