Money transfers between Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Postal transfers by Ukrposhta is a service that allows to transfer money between Ukraine and Kazakhstan conveniently, quickly and securely. A transfer can be sent to any postal office or any postal address of each country.

Advantages of postal transfers

  • The security and reliability of the operation are guaranteed by the signed agreement between Ukrposhta and Post of Kazakhstan.
  • Comfortable departure and receipt: the sender does not need to open a bank account, and the recipient receives money in cash without paying any additional fees at any post office.
  • Affordable rates, the sum of the commission depends on the remittance amount.
  • Convenient additional services of Ukrposhta: delivery of money to your home address, written notice of receipt of transfer.

Maximum sum of the remittance amount

From Ukraine to Kazakhstan From Kazakhstan to Ukraine

Equivalent of 500 USD

The total sum of transfers from one sender should not exceed 149 999 UAH per day.

Equivalent of 3000 USD.

The total sum of transfers to one sender should not exceed 149 000 UAH per day.

Types and terms ofUrgent postal money transfers.

  • Urgent postal orders

    Are made through a special secure electronic system, are delivered within 30 minutes. The list of post offices in Kazakhstan where you can send an urgent transfer to Ukraine check here, the list of such offices in Ukraine check here.

  • International postal transfers

    Are delivered in 1-5 days (when transferred to postal office). Delivery to a home address may take longer.

Tariffs for money transfers from Ukraine to Kazakhstan

Remittance amount, UAH Commission, % of the remittance amount
Up to 500 UAH 6% of the remittance amount
From 500 to 1000 UAH 5% of the remittance amount
From 1000 to 2000 UAH 4% of the remittance amount
More than 2000 UAH 2% of the remittance amount

Minimum sum of transfer is 1 USD.

Transfer rate from Kazakhstan to Ukraine is 5% + 300 KZT. For details — refer to the link.

Frequently asked questions

What documents do I need to send/receive a money transfer?

To send/receive a money transfer within Ukraine:

  • up to UAH 14,999, you must present a passport or other identity document;
  • above 15 000 UAH, you need to present a passport or other identity document, identification number.

In order to send/receive a transfer in Kazakhstan, you must present an original ID document (passport of a citizen of RK, identity card of a citizen of RK, a residence permit for a foreigner in RK, citizenship certificate, foreign passport, birth certificate).

How do I send a money transfer from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and vice versa?

To transfer money:

  1. Visit Ukrposhta office or Kazakhstan Post office. Have a Passport or other identity document, other documents required to register a transfer.
  2. Select a transfer type: address or urgent.
  3. Fill in the international postal transfer form (when making an international postal transfer in a non-automated Ukrposhta department) or provide the operator with the following information:
    • Full name of the sender and recipient of the transfer.
    • The exact postal address (country, region, city, district, street, house, index) of the sender and recipient of the transfer.
    • remittance amount.
  4. Hand over the necessary documents to the operator, sign the filled international postal transfer form and give money for transferring.
  5. Inform the recipient of the transfer. If you have sent an urgent transfer, tell him the sum and the transfer reference number.

The complete rules for the provision of postal services in Kazakhstan can be found here.

Samples of forms: to send an international transfer in national currency from Ukraine check here, for transfers from Kazakhstan check — here.

How do I receive a money transfer in Ukraine?
  • Urgent international transfer

    Urgent transfers can be received only in the automated offices of Ukrposhta, according to the reference.

    In order to receive an urgent transfer, the sender must provide the recipient with the transfer reference number. You need to have an identity document with you.

  • Address international transfer

    We deliver international postal addresses to a home address and hand them to the recipient. If the recipient is not at home at the moment of delivery, the postman will leave a written message with the telephone number and post office address where he can pick up the transfer. The recipient can pick up the transfer at the post office on his own or call the phone number and arrange another delivery time.

In what currency are transfers sent? What exchange rate is used?
  • Money transfers are sent and paid in national currency at all post offices.
  • Transfers between countries are provided in USD. Conversion from one currency to another is carried out at the currency rate of each mail. The rate, used by Ukrposhta can be found here.
  • Money transfers in USD can be sent or received in 284 postal offices of Ukrposhta.

More information you can get in the contact center of Ukrposhta.

For calls from the territory of Ukraine — 0 800 300 545 (free of charge in the territory of Ukraine).

For calls in Kazakhstan — 1499.

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