Ukrposhta has paid 48.6 million UAH of dividends to the state budget on the profits of 2021


According to the results of 2021 Ukrposhta has paid 48.6 million UAH of dividends to the state budget of Ukraine. The amount of deductions is 30% of the net annual profit of the company, which according to operational data last year was UAH 162 million*. In 2021 Ukrposhta received 11.1 billion UAH of net income, which is 21% more than last year. In 2021 the national postal operator paid UAH 3.2 billion in taxes and fees, contributions and mandatory payments to the budgets and state trust funds of the country.

"Today, a month after the beginning of the active phase of the war, which began eight years ago, it is already difficult to remember what 2021 was. But our results for last year, as well as profits in 2019 and 2020, made it possible to accumulate certain reserves, which came in handy during the war. Therefore, Ukrposhta works and pays appropriate dividends to the state budget, as well as fulfills its obligations to employees and partners. Because Ukrposhta has a 65,000-thousand team and 5+ million grateful customers, and Ukraine has the Armed Forces and an entire nation. Both do and will do everything to ensure that the logistics arteries of this country do not know the borders of hostilities and occupied territories, delivering the essentials to the remotest corners, uniting Kharkiv and New York. Mukachevo and Belovodsk, Novhorod-Siversky and Foros. Despite all the difficulties, we are already preparing to return to our ambitious but familiar postal plans to build new automated sorting centers, ensure 100% digitalization of the country and provide a full range of banking services for every resident of our free and prosperous Ukraine," commented Ukrposhta Director General Igor Smelyansky.

The company attributes the success of 2021, first of all, to the growth of the key and most promising area of the national postal operator's work - the parcel business. Thus, during the year, revenues from the delivery of domestic and international shipments in 2021 increased by 46.5%. This figure is the result of effective cooperation with the country's largest online stores and marketplaces, as well as an increase in the number of corporate clients by small and medium-sized businesses in all regions. The company notes that the volume of domestic parcels in general increased by 30%, and separately for corporate business - by 99%. At the same time, the volumes and revenues in other main business areas increased. In particular, income from transfers increased by 10%, payments - by 31%.

In February 2022, the announcement of the active phase of the war by Russia complicated the work of the business of the whole country, and Ukrposhta in particular. However, after two weeks, the company notes a cautious but positive trend, recording a gradual recovery in volumes. There is a special demand for the delivery of goods of Ukrainian entrepreneurs outside the country, which has been possible since the first days of martial law due to the timely revision of logistics routes and successful cooperation with the world's post offices within the framework of the Universal Postal Union. Thus, almost all countries of the world are now open for delivery from Ukraine, and direct flights have been established with the United States, which allowed 4 direct flights with Ukrainian exports in March alone. A significant share of the company's work is currently occupied by the delivery of humanitarian aid and support of state programs for the transportation of goods to critical regions and evacuation of business from the east of the country.

As in the previous year, the major part of the company's expenses is wages and salaries. In general, wage costs for the year with accruals to employees account for 70% of total expenses and amounted to UAH 7.6 billion in 2021, which is 17% more than in 2020. In 2021, the average salary of employees in full-time equivalent increased by 18% to UAH 10,171. During the war, Ukrposhta continues to pay salaries to employees on time and in full, has increased salaries several times for those who work in especially dangerous areas, and also financially supports those who have somehow suffered from the barbaric invasion of Russia.

As reported, Ukrposhta paid UAH 82.5 million in dividends based on the results of 2020, which is 50% of the company's last year's profit.

*Final data will be published in the annual report of an independent auditing company.