Sending an item abroad

  1. Check if the content is allowed for delivering by clicking the link below.
  2. Choose a postal office to arrange an item. The regional centres provide a possibility to call a courier by filling out a form on the website.
  3. Please read the customs clearance rules.
  4. Arrange an item independently in a mobile application or in a personal account. If you are the user of a personal account, you get a 3% discount on small packages and items. Print the accompanying documents.
    For arranging an item in the post office, you should be able to fill the following information in the accompanying documents:
    • Sender’s full name, full postal address, index and telephone number;
    • Recipient’s full name, full postal address, index and telephone number.

    Full postal address includes country, region (state), locality, street, house and apartment numbers.

  5. Pay for the service.
  6. Receive a receipt with a track number. You may check if the item is delivered on the website, personal account, mobile application, chat bot in the instant messenger, or contact centre at 0 800 300 545. Here you can check a possibility of tracking of items sent to the selected country.