Delivery 30 kg+

Domestic delivery for items over 30 kg.


We deliver items from 30 kg to 550 kg within Ukraine.

We accept these items on pallets. Maximum dimensions of the pallets 120 cm × 80 cm, maximum item height is 180 cm.

  • Delcared value — up to 50 000 UAH
  • Choose who pays for delivery — sender or recipient
  • Cash on delivery
  • Tracking number
  • SMS/Viber notification or confirmation letter
  • Address delivery and courier pickup

We accept and deliver 30 kg+ items in certain post offices — please see the list.

Delivery options:

  • Delivery to the post office
  • Address delivery (the recipient should be able to unload the item)


Check prices and tariff zones here.


Check delivery terms here.

How to order

You can order “30 kg+ delivery” by calling to our contact center 0 800 300 545.

Please be sure to send your item at a certain time if you want it to be dispatched from the post office the same day:

  • delivery within the city — till 12:00
  • delivery between the regional centers of Ukraine — till 14:00

If the item is given to the post office later, the delivery time limit is increased by one day.

Follow this link to learn more.