Tariffs for items of more than 30 kg

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Dear customers! In the case of sending items weighing more than 30 kg to / from the settlements where hostilities are conducted, the cost of the service is determined using a coefficient of 1.5 for the period of martial law.

Tariff zones


(Per one euro pallet, 0,8 × 1,2 m)

excl. VAT inc. VAT.
Zone 0 458,33 550,00
Zone 1 641,67 770,00
Zone 2 916,67 1100,00
Zone 3 1191,67 1430,00
Additional services
The addressed pick-up or delivery services 116,67 140,00
The addressed pick-up and delivery services 192,50 231,00
Palletizing 93,33 112,00
Packing pallets 55,00 66,00
If the pallet base area differs from the European standard (0.8 × 1.2 m, up to 0.99 m2), the tariff should be adjusted by multiplying it by a factor:
Base area 1,0 × 1,2 м 1,2 × 1,2 м
до 1,49 м2 до 2 м2
The maximum weight до 550 кг
Rate adjustment coefficient 1,3 1,7

For storage of item more than 5 calendar days *(for each day)

* at the request of the addressee (recipient), the day of delivery does not count

50,00 60,00


1. The geographical distribution by tariff zones is carried out in accordance with Annex 1.

2. If the declared value of the shipment exceeds UAH 300, an additional fee of 0,5% (including VAT) is applied to the full amount of the declared value of the item.

3. For reshipment or delivery in another direction, the sender (addressee) is charged an additional fee according to the tariffs (paragraphs: “Zone 0”, “zone 1”, “if pallet sizes exceed standard”). If the delivery was not performed and the sender or the addressee wishes to change the delivery address within the regional center, Kyiv city, no additional fee is charged. If the item returns, the sender will be charged an additional fee according to the tariffs (zone 0 items, “if pallet sizes exceed standard”).