Ukrposhta SmartBox is a completely new service for Ukrainian delivery market.

We totally simplified the process: no need to weigh the parcel, to calculate the distance, to wait in line and to lose time.

Choose Ukrposhta SmartBox to get the whole complex at one price. All inclusive!

Ukrposhta SmartBox step by step:

  • First, you choose a tariff (size) and prepay for Ukrposhta SmartBox
  • You receive selected number of boxes and the activation code
  • Within 30 days, you have to activate the code in your Personal Account and generate barcodes for each shipment
  • Within 5 months, you register each smartbox using generated barcodes in your Personal Account, print the form and attach it to the smartbox
  • Finally, you can leave registered smartbox in the post office — no waiting in line!

Colorful and durable boxes

From 1 to 500 items

Delivery all over Ukraine

To any city or village

Weight does not matter!

We deliver everything that fits the smartbox

Simple ordering

Via website in Personal Account

Declared value included

(up to 1000 UAH)

Delivery in 1-2 days

Between cities and within a region

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No lines in post office

Pre-order and printed barcode needed


Chatbot and SMS/Viber notifications

Order 40 and more smartboxes (one or different sizes) and our courier will deliver them for free

Delivery cost is 15 UAH if you order less then 40 smartboxes.

Courier smartboxes delivery is available in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odesa.

Order online

Choose the size and number of boxes



140 × 115 × 100 mm

1 pc
35 UAH
10 pc
340 UAH
20 pc
658 UAH
50 pc
1 593 UAH


220 × 160 × 100 mm

1 pc
38 UAH
10 pc
369 UAH
20 pc
714 UAH
50 pc
1 729 UAH


300 × 240 × 100 mm

1 pc
44 UAH
10 pc
427 UAH
20 pc
827 UAH
50 pc
2 002 UAH


490 × 300 × 150 mm

1 pc
50 UAH
10 pc
485 UAH
20 pc
940 UAH
50 pc
2 275 UAH

You can buy smartboxes in the post office or choose courier delivery.

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  • You can order Ukrposhta Smartbox at the Ukrposhta website: just a computer / tablet / smartphone and the Internet access are required;
  • You can immediately subscribe for 1, 10, 20, 50 or more smartboxes and not pay at the post office during the sending;
  • You will receive a single price for parcel delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • The price includes high quality branded packaging (one side to open);
  • The parcel does not need to be weighed — we will send everything that fits the smartbox;
  • Departure of smartboxes in the office is performed without waiting — provided that you fill in and print the address label from your personal cabinet yourself and correctly pack the parcel;
  • In Kyivv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv, we will bring you custom-made smartboxes for free (if you buy more than 40 boxes).

Ukrposhta Smartbox service combines all the advantages: a single tariff for parcel delivery throughout Ukraine, fast sending at the office, without weighing and additional overpayments.

  • With cash when receiving boxes (at the office or during the settlements with a courier);
  • Through cashless settlement if you have concluded a contract with JSC “Ukrposhta” as a legal entity.

You can prepare a parcel through the “Personal account” on the Ukrposhta site.

Yes, Ukrposhta Smartbox has the following restrictions:

  • Delivery takes place on a warehouse-to-warehouse principle and is carried out within Ukraine;
  • You can send and purchase smartboxes in the specific offices or order the courier delivery (in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro);
  • The declared value of the shipment shall not be more than 1000 UAH (including);
  • The postpay amount shall not be more than 1000 UAH (including);
  • We accept Ukrposhta Smartbox deliveries only in the appropriate packaging — the smarbox;
  • A smartbox can be used only once;
  • The received activation code is valid for 30 days, and the validity of the generated BCI is 5 months.

Since the estimated value of up to 1000 UAH is included in the price of the service, it has been fixed. If you specify more than 1000 UAH, you would need to make a surcharge and wait in the general line.

The postpay may not be higher than the estimated value, and the estimated value is fixed at the level of up to 1000 UAH.

The settlement document shall be printed during the settlement operations (acceptance of cash from the customer, payment cards, etc. at the place of sale of goods/services, cash withdrawal for the goods returned by the buyer/services not rendered by the service provider).

The transfer of paid postal items to the office is not a settlement operation, so it is not a basis for printing a settlement document (SOR check).

You will receive a confirmation of the registration of the parcel “Ukrposhta Smartbox” in the form of SMS or a Viber message.

Yes, it is possible. You shall write the application and pay additional 24 UAH (including VAT).

Yes. You can buy a smartbox in certain locations.

Yes. You shall contact the office to which the Ukrposhta Smartbox delivery has been sent (call the contact center at 0 800 300 545), specify BCI of the delivery and order the delivery at the address.