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Send postal items from Ukraine to more than 230 countries and territories around the world. Ukrposhta as the designated postal operator of Ukraine, a member country of the Universal Postal Union, cooperates with 192 national postal operators.

Special offer for 2023: discounts of up to 75% for the delivery of postal items to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany.

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With Ukrposhta you can easily, conveniently and cost-effectively deliver worldwide:

Delivery to more than 230 countries and territories

List of countries and territories

Sending from any of 11,000 postal offices


Tracking parcels in 199 countries

and small packages / letters in 194 countries — details

Competitive rates

To calculate the cost of delivering a letter, small package, small package PRIME, parcel, EMS item

Easy export for individuals


Optimal delivery terms


Accumulative discount system


Go online — and spend less!

According to the resolutions of the Universal Postal Union, beginning from 2021, all designated postal operators, including SC "Ukrposhta", are obliged to switch to the electronic exchange of information for items containing goods. Senders will need to fill out customs declarations online, using an Online Personal Account on the Ukrposhta website, a mobile application, or a special API system for corporate clients. These tools will help senders prepare correct customs declarations and entitle them to a 3% welcome discount on parcels and EMS.

If you cannot register a postal item online, fill out the customs declaration manually, and post office staff will enter the data into the electronic system. However, you will be charged a USD 1 fee for each postal item.


To start export with Ukrposhta

To use the service, follow a few simple steps

Make sure that the attachment is allowed for forwarding

by the link

Register the item in the personal office

and get a 3% discount on parcels and EMS

Contact any postal office of Ukrposhta

or call a courier

Weigh the item, pay for delivery in accordance with the tariff

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