About the service

Ukrposhta delivers items to 230 countries and territories around the world. We are members of the Universal Postal Union and cooperate with 192 national postal operators.

With Ukrposhta you can easily, conveniently and cost-effectively deliver worldwide:

We deliver by land and by air to 230 countries

List of countries and territories

Sending from any of 11,000 postal offices


Tracking parcels in 197 countries

and small packages / postal wrappers in 187 countries — details

Competitive rates

To calculate the cost of delivering a letter, small package, parcels

Easy export for individuals


Optimal delivery terms


Accumulative discount system


To start export with Ukrposhta

Discount for the registration of item in the personal office — 3%

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Categories of items



up to 2 kg

Small bag

Small package

up to 2 kg


Postal wrapper

up to 5 kg



up to 30 kg

To use the service, follow a few simple steps

Make sure that the attachment is allowed for forwarding

by the link

Register the item in the personal office

and get a 3% discount on small packages and parcels

Contact any postal office of Ukrposhta

or call a courier

Weigh the item, pay for delivery in accordance with the tariff

Learn more about customs clearance

Learn more about providing service

E-commerce export solution

Ukrposhta with its international partners has introduced an E-commerce export solution project. Its goal is to develop exports from Ukraine through on-line commerce channels in B2C format (Business-to-consumer).

Within the framework of the project, the senders receive a reduced tariff of 30-60% for sending international grouped consignment consignments. The offer is valid for delivery to Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan.

To start cooperation, please contact the contact center of Ukrposhta at 0 800 300 545 and find out contacts of managers working with corporate clients.