Export of goods to Moldova

For business customers who have entered into a cooperation agreement with Ukrposhta, we offer special rates for delivery to Moldova. You can use special rates during sending of parcels and small packages. Tariffs apply when sending goods weighing up to 200 kg per month.

Service Tariffs, EUR (VAT inclusive)
Shipment via surface freight Air shipment
Forwarding for 1 unit 2,67 2,67
for 1 kg 2,83 4,78
Forwarding of one item 1,50
Returning of item, for each kg 4,00

The total cost of delivery shall be calculated by the formula: amount for sending + amount of mass. At the same time, for parcels, the mass is rounded up to 100 grams, and for small packages the actual weight is taken into account.

For example, the cost of shipment via surface freight a single parcel weighing 3,5 kg shall be calculated by the formula: 2,83 × 3,5 (cost per weight) + 2,67 (cost per unit) = 12,58 EUR (VAT inclusive).

For special rates, which operate when sending goods weighing more than 200 kg per month, get to know the manager of Ukrposhta.

Post-pay delivery

In Moldova, you can order the delivery of parcels with post-pay. The maximum amount of post-pay is the equivalent of 1000 USD.

In this case, the cost of delivering the parcel abroad shall be paid by the sender, and the addressee pays a fee for sending post-pay delivery:

  • up to 2000 MDL — 5%;
  • from 2000 MDL to 5000 MDL — 3.5%;
  • from 5000 MDL to 10 000 MDL — 3%;
  • from 10,000 MDL to 20,000 MDL — 2.5%;
  • more than 20 000 MDL — 2.4%.

Why is it profitable to sell goods to Moldova

  • Population is 3.5 million inhabitants
  • GDP per capita is 5 328 USD (2016)
  • Duty free limit is 300 EUR per day for an individual
  • E-commerce growth is 30%

Where can I sell in Moldova?

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