Ukraine is now fighting for its freedom on all fronts. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending the country and protecting it from the enemy, territorial defense volunteers are on guard at checkpoints, patrolling the roads in cities and villages, thousands of Ukrainian men and women are helping with evacuation and collecting essential goods for civilians and the military, our friends in other countries are taking to streets and squares of their cities with blue and yellow flags. The whole world supports Ukraine in its struggle for national freedom. Ukrposhta did unite Ukraine with the world before the war, it is doing it now and will do it after the war. You can support our heroes wherever you are. Ukrposhta will deliver the aid to those who need it most.

Ukrposhta is gradually resuming international delivery. The list of accessible countries is constantly growing, the list is regularly updated. To send from Ukraine, please check the map of accessible cities and regions, as well as post offices that are open as of the current date.

Ukrposhta is in touch with the defenders to understand the needs of both the military and civilians in the hotbeds of tension. Currently, the most important things are medicines and medical supplies, food, warm clothes, appliances, household goods and hygiene products. The list is constantly updated. It would be very helpful if you could sort the aid by category and indicate what each package contains, as well as mark the packages as “HUMANITARIAN AID”. This will simplify the work of our assistants and will speed up the delivery process. Please note that sending alcohol is not allowed.

Ukrposhta works wherever it is safe for our customers, as well as where green corridors are arranged. Please check here if delivery to a location is available. If you do not know a specific addressee, but still want to help, you can send your aid to the addresses of warehouses in your country. Ukrposhta will deliver the aid to those who need it most.

Addresses of warehouses outside Ukraine:

Warehouse 1

Peristiliu Exhibition Center at SEF, Ethnarchou Makariou 1,
P. Faliro
Περιστύλιο Εκθεσιακό Κέντρο στο ΣΕΦ, Εθνάρχου Μακαρίου 1,
Π. Φάληρο
Mob: +30 2109243007 (everyday 09:00 to 21:00)

Warehouse 2



Warehouse accepts humanitarian aid as well as dual-use goods (bulletproof vests, helmets, portable radio sets, etc.)

Hurko 26
Napora Bartłomiej
+38093 771 70 22 — Denis

Attention! Warehouse does not accept dual-use goods (bulletproof vests, helmets, portable radio sets, etc.)

645 West 1st Avenue, Roselle, NJ 07203
+1 (908) 241-2190,
+1 (888) 336-4776 [email protected]
Boxes should be marked with «UkrPoshta Dnipro LLC/Humanitarian Aid»

Support <br>the Ukrainian <br>heroes! Support <br>the Ukrainian <br>heroes!

התגברות הלחימה באוקראינה מאיימת על חייהם של מאות אלפי משפחות אוקראיניות.

  • מיליוני אזרחים באוקראינה נתונים להפגזות יומיומיות.
  • לשישה מיליון אנשים אין גישה למים נקיים.
  • יותר מ-750,000 איש נותרו ללא חשמל.
  • יישובים אוקראינים רבים נהרסו כליל.
  • חלק מהערים האוקראיניות נמצאות במצור מוחלט.
  • תושבים של אלפי כפרים וערים באוקראינה נותרו ללא מזון, תרופות וטיפול רפואי.

לכל תושב ישראל יש מכרים שקרוביהם נמצאים כעת באוקראינה וסובלים ממצב הומניטארי קטסטרופלי במדינה.

חברת הדואר הממשלתית "אוקרפושטה" בשיתוף פעולה עם שירות הדואר "דואר פוסט" הישראלית, בתקופה קשה זו לאזרחי אוקראינה, קוראים לכל הישראלים להתאחד ולעזור לאזרחי אוקראינה הזקוקים לה בדחיפות.

המחסן ההומניטרי ממוקם:

כתובת: שמואל הנציב 30, נתניה, ישראל

טל` / וואטסאפ: 972-50-711-8111+

דוא"ל: [email protected]

כל סיוע שניתן הוא חשוב ביותר ויכול להציל חיי אדם.

The intensification of hostilities in Ukraine threatens the lives and existence to hundreds of thousands Ukrainian families.

  • Millions of civilians in Ukraine are under daily shelling.
  • More than 6 million people have difficult access to clean water.
  • More than 750,000 people were left without electricity.
  • Many Ukrainian settlements are completely destroyed.
  • Some Ukrainian cities are under full blockade.
  • Population of thousands Ukrainian cities and settlements were left without food, medicaments and medical care.

Every Israeli has friends whose relatives are now in Ukraine and are suffering from a catastrophic humanitarian situation in the country.

JSC “Ukrposhta” together with his Israeli partner The Postal Service “Doar Post”, call on all caring persons to help Ukrainian people in this difficult time for Ukraine.

The humanitarian warehouse location:

30 Shmuel HaNatsiv str., Netanya, Israel

Tel. / WhatsApp: +972-50-711-8111

Email: [email protected]

Every aid provided is extremely significant and can save a person’s life.

World postal operators and charities are sending aid to Ukraine:

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World posts stand with the Ukrainian people!

Our friends-partners have launched free delivery to Ukraine (the list of countries is updated).

Österreichische Post AG sends postal items up to 30 kg to Ukraine from its post offices and from the offices of its partners.

More information:

Cyprus Post has launched free delivery of parcels up to 5 kg to Ukraine from dedicated post offices. Postal items can be posted from the following post offices from 08:00 to 14:30:

Nicosia District Post Office
Prodromos 100,
2063 Strovolos

Limassol District Post Office
16th Iouniou 3,
3022 Lemesos

Larnaka District Post Office
Vasileos Pavlou Plateia,
6023 Larnaka

Pafos District Post Office
Aristoteli Savva 23,
8025 Pafos

Paralimni Post Office
Sotiras 26,
5286 Paralimni

Ceská Pošta offers its customers to send standard addressed parcels to Ukraine free of charge. Such parcels can be posted from any Ceská Pošta post office. A customs declaration should be completed, preferably online at, printed out and brought to the post office together with the parcel. It is also possible to complete a customs declaration at the post office.

Customers can send up to 5 standard parcels to Ukraine (economy or priority) weighing up to 30 kg.

More information:

Omniva sends parcels up to 30 kg to Ukraine from all its post offices.

More information:

From 1 March 2022, Georgian Post customers can send parcels to Ukraine free of charge from any post office. Ukrposhta will deliver such mail to every addressee in Ukraine.

From 2 March 2022, Royal Gibraltar Post delivers postal items to Ukraine free of charge, including letters, small packets and parcels up to 5 kg. Humanitarian mail can be sent from the Royal Gibraltar Post Office on Main Street.

Guernsey Post offers free postage for addressed and unaddressed humanitarian aid parcels to Ukraine. Unaddressed parcels can be sent from the Guernsey Post’s main retail counter at Postal Headquarters. The parcels will be despatched by Guernsey Post to a warehouse in Poland where arrangements have been made for onward transportation to Ukraine. Please see for the address of the warehouse and further advice on packing. Anyone wishing to send letters or parcels directly to someone in Ukraine can also do so free of charge by posting at the Envoy House counter.

Magyar Posta sends parcels to Ukraine free of charge from all its post offices.

More information:

National Post of Norway (Posten) accepts free parcels with delivery to Ukraine up to 30 kg in its branches.

All parcels going from Ireland to Ukraine are free of charge to all Ukrainians from any of An Post 920 local post offices.

This free service will include letters, small packets and parcels up to 20 kg, normal postal T&Cs will apply.

ID to be provided which can be in the form of Passport, National ID Card or Driving Licence.

In addition, An Post offices offer the following services to support Ukrainian people:

  • Collect eligible social welfare payments at a locally designated post office;
  • Get a free mobile SIM card and the first 3 months plans free;
  • Send or receive money to/from Ukraine without fees with Western Union;
  • Get a current account with 12 month free fees;
  • Donations to Red Cross & UNICEF in every Post Office.

Detailed information about these services is available at

As of 1st March 2022, Jersey Post waives postage charges for mail addressed to Ukraine. Mail should be hand-delivered to both Broad Street Post Office and Rue des Pres Post Office for processing by Jersey Post.

Slovenská pošta sends parcels up to 5 kg to Ukraine free of charge. Such items can be posted at any Slovenská pošta post office.

More information about free delivery:

Volunteer initiatives and partners with whom we cooperate in the delivery of humanitarian aid in Ukraine, thank you for your commitment and professionalism!

Together we will win! Slava Ukraini! Together we will win! Slava Ukraini!